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>> she's beautiful. >> and she got a behind the gh tonight on "world news," the bombshell twist. this evening, the man who wanted to be president of france, accused in that sexual attack here, a free man for now. dominique strauss-kahn celebrating his release, after a harsh new spotlight on that hotel maid. what's been discovered? the drowning drama. how did a woman lie dead at the bottom of a public pool, swimmers in the water above her for days? how was she missed? and three things every family should look for in a lifeguard. pack your bags. the stunned families told their state parks are now shut down, just days before the fourth. it's happening across the country. parades and politics? could that trip with your children this weekend really determine which party they vote for when they grow up? and, the holiday gift. >> audrey, logan. >> the giant green box and the moment you have to see to believe. our "persons of the week."
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good evening. diane is on assignment this week. and we begin tonight here with a stunning turn of events in that sexual assault case that sent shockwaves, from a new york city hotel room all the way to france. just two months ago, this image. dominique strauss-kahn, the international money man, and front-runner to be president of france, handcuffed and sent to jail, accused of attacking a hotel maid. today, this image. strauss-kahn walking out of court, smiling, a free man, for now. his wife there at his side. all of it because of new and serious questions about that hotel worker. abc's bianna golodryga leads us off this evening. bianna, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. it's a stunning reversal of fortune for strauss-kahn. abc news can confirm he is currently inside this $50,000 a month townhouse that he is renting with his wife. a bit ironic, because it's been
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nearly two months since he's been allowed to travel at all. now he can, as long as he stays within t t u.s. >> thank you, your honor. >> reporter: after thanking the judge, dominique strauss-kahn left court today with his arm around his wife's shoulder, released on his own recognizance. it's been nearly two months since the former imf chief was taken off a paris-bound flight, after being accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. the surprising turn of events came after prosecutors acknowledged in court today serious questions about the credibility of the accuser. >> all of this has caused us to reassess the position about the ststngth of the case. >> reporter: among the information -- financial and phone records revealing possible ties between the alleged victim and an alleged drug dealer. involvement in criminal activity, including money laundering. and that she was caught on wiretaps considering possible financial gain from pressing charges against strauss-kahn. and perhaps the most damaging revelation? reports that the accuser had lied to investigators about a
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prior sexual attack in her native country of guinea while she was seeking asylum in the u.s. >> today is a first giant step in the right direction. the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. >> reporter: the accuser's attorney spokekeut in support of his client, and lashed out at the district attorney. >> the district attorney has an obligation to stand up for this rape victim. >> reporter: there is dna evidence proving that a sexual encounter did take place. witnesess claim that the hotel maid emerged from the room in distress, with her clothing ripped. still, experts say that the damage done to the prosecution's case is almost certainly irreparable. though, the district attorney has not yet thrown in the towel. >> our prosecutors will continue. their investigation into these alleged crimes until we have uncovered all relevant facts. >> reporter: the accuser's
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attorney says his client is, quote, enraged and very upset, and will address the public soon, though a date and venn europe has not been given. >> all right, bianna, thank you. i want to bring in dan abrams, our legal analyst, with us here tonight. always great to see you. so, sexual attack or not, do you believe prosecutors are going to drop this case? >> reporter: based on the three-page note they sent to the defense attorney, i think they're going to have to. in addition to what bianna was talking about, they are also saying she lied about what happened immediately after the incident occurred, both to the d.a. and to a grand jury. they end this note by saying, "during the course of the investigation, she was untruthful with assistant district attorneys about a variety of additional topics concerning her history, background, present circumstances and personal relationships." >> so, let me get this straight. the man who wanted to be president of france could be headed back within weeks? >> reporter: weeks or months. that doesn't mean the legal issues are necessarily over. expect she could file a civil lawsuit, even if the charges were dropped. and if prosecutors believe she invented this, she could face her own legal problems, as well. >> dan, thanks to you.
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and now, a new case puzzling authorities in new england for days now. a woman's body discovered in a public pool outside boston. swimmers had been swimming above her for nearly three days. lifeguards never noticed. how is this possible? aren't lifeguards trained to spot this? abc's linsey davis is in fall river, massachusetts, tonight. linsey? >> reporter: good evening, david. this is what we've been waiting for. the autopsy report. and it confirms what many people thought was too horrible to be true. it confirms there was a drowning. meaning, there was a body in this pool for almost three days. police are investigating how no one noticed 36-year-old marie joseph, this mother of five, who had the words "family" and "first" tattooed on her wrists, she drowned on sunday afternoon swimmers lifeguards and health inspectors. her body, still in the water as this photo was taken on monday.
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not noticed even as the pool shut down every night at 7:00. the neighbor's 9-year-old son says he told the lifeguard that when she went down the slide, she never came back up. he says when he told the lifeguard, no one looked for her. there her body lay for three days. city health inspectors were at the pool on two different days testing the water. they even gave it a clean bill of health, except that it looked cloudy. >> there was nothing abnormal with the p.h. levels. there was only one word noted -- cloudy. >> reporter: as everyone wonders today just how this is possible, the forensic scientists i spoke about a drowned body first sual sinking and rising to thth surface days later. and b.j. fisher of the lifeguards association says he's actually seen it happen before. >> on a sunny day, you can have a lot of sunlight rays fracturing off the surface of the water. you throw in some cloudy water, the next thing you know, you can't see too far into that water itself. >> reporter: watch what happens when a dummy sinks to the bottom of this pool. when the water is placid, you can clearly see it. but when the water is agitated, as it would be if other people were swimming, it becomes nearly
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impossible to see the dummy. >> we do see this as a problem nationwide, that a lot of pools that should be closed because of the cloudiness, they should get them closed for safety reasons. >> reporter: so, as millions head to the pool this holiday weekend, safeguard your family by looking for these signs. two guards taking regular breaks, who are vigilant, constantly looking around and not using a phone. and one final tip. we've heard so much about murky water. if you h hpen to be in a pool and you can't see the bottom of it, get out and ask the lifeguard why it's not clear. david? >> linsey davis on a puzzling case outside boston. linsey, thank you. we're goininto turn now to the searing heat this evening across a giant swath of the country. millions of americans are tonight dealing with intense heat and severe storms. look at the center of this nation. temperatures in the 90s and surpassing the 100 mark. this system is on the move, and we want to turn to meteorologist bernie rayno, who is in the weather center tonight. bernie, great to see you. and you were telling me, when you factor in humidity, this is
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going to be a real scorcher this weekend. >> yeah, temperatures are high enough in the plains states, but when you factor in the high humidity, it feels over 100 degrees. and that heat and humidity will be sliding into the midwest on saturday, and get ready along the eastern seaboard, david, because the heat and humidity, although not as hot, certainly the humidity will arrive by sunday. >> and bernie, you say with it, severe weaeaer? >> well, any time you get heat, any time you get humidity, you have to be concerned about thunderstorms. and that's what we're going to be seeing across the midwest on saturday out ahead of a cool front that will bring some relief to the heat in the northern plains. that front heads toward the i-95 corridor, new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c., as we head into late sunday and independence day. >> bernie, our thanks to you. we learned today of something happening to american families preparing to spend this fourth of july in state parks. told to pack up their things and go home. state parks closed for business, and it's happening in minnesota. and that's not the only place. abc's david wright tonight on the parks and the families being
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sent home. >> reporter: the great champion of america's parks, conversat n conversationist john muir, said between every two trees is the doorway to a new world. but today in minnesota, the last came persons in state parks were kicked out, so they won't be trapped in when rangers put the padlocks on. due to a state government shutdown, all 74 of the state's parks and recreation areas are closed. the hansen family had planned to spend the fourth of july weekend enjoying the great outdoors. >> it is pretty discouraging that the only reason we're not camping at a beautiful state campground is because the state couldn't do their part to keep the campgrounds open. >> reporter: minnesota isn't alone. in washington state, starting today, park visitors for the first time will need to pay a $10 entry fee, or risk a $100 fine. in california this week, lawmakers passed a state budget that'll force dozens of state
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parks to close indefinitely. >> yeah. 70 parks of the 278 that are currently active and open. >> reporter: that's 1 out of 4. >> it is. first time in 100 years that california parks have really closed. >> reporter: parks are expensive. and cash-strapped state governments say they can no longer afford to maintain open spaces that took decades, even centuries, to protect. >> the crisis in funding for our nation's state parks is real and it's happening right now. >> reporter: ironically, this happening at a time when the attendance rate is up, 740 million visitors to state parks last year. but david, before you head out to the great outdoors this weekend, best make sure that the place is actually going to be open. this park is one of the ones on california's closure list. >> oh, one of the parks right there. david wright tonight, thank you. we turn next overseas now and to afghanistan, whereree are getting our first look tonight at grizzly new images from inside that luxury hotel in kabul, swarmed by suicide bombers who went on that deadly attack.
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in an abc news exclusive, nick schifrin tonight takes us inside. >> reporter: abc news filmed the first images from inside the intercontinental. the attackers blew themselves up in bedrooms, in stairwrwls, in the hallway. the top floor, completely destroyed by fire. on the roof, a massive firefight. the attackers brought bags full of red bull and water so they could fight for hours. for the first time, a senior afghan police official admitted to abc news that his men wouldn't have retaken the hotel without the help of these nato special forces. later this month, afghan forces are supposed to take responsibility for security in parts of the country. but their response to this attack raises questions about whether they're ready. nick schifrin, abc news, kabul. >> nick, our thanks to you. and it's those images that have authorities here at home on high alert this fourth. combine that with documents
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found inside osama bin laden's compound, revealing his desire to kill on the fourth. and that explains why there's a wide reaching, behind the scenes effort to protect americans this holiday. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, the only one getting a first-hand look tonight. >> reporter: helicoptersrs on patrol. nypd gun boats shadowing ferries and even checking under the brooklyn bridge. it's real. this is not a joke. >> it is absolutely not a joke. and the threat is very real. >> reporter: we're out on the water with the nypd. but this is no cruise. and this is no ordinary boat. the patrol is all part of unprecedented security for independence day. this year, police are especially concerned because of evidence from osama bin laden's compound revealing his desire to kill americans on the fourth, or by the tenth anniversary of 9/11. >> we're on alert. no question about it. >> this year is a critical year, because everything is kind of marked by the tenth anniversary of 9/11. >> we all know that the fourth of july is a signature holiday.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: revelers can expect expanded patrols. s.w.a.t. units. biological weapons response teams at the ready. and undercover officers mingling with the crowd. and with that attack this s ek on an afghanistan hotel, police are boosting patrols in hotels, too. >> we placed police officers, uniformed police officers, at hotel locations throughout the city. >> reporter: if it all sounds scary, it is. the boat we are on is one of two in the world designed for the nypd to detect radiation from a nuclear bomb or smaller radiological or dirty bomb. its detection equipment sweeps along the waterway. any radiation spikes returned to the boat are instantly sent to the brookhaven laboratory for analysis by scientists. hunting for the unthinkable, as we approach america's birthday. pierre thomas, abc news, new york. and there is late word from or langless tonight that maria shriver has filed for divorce
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from arnold schwarzenegger. they separated this spring when the former governor admitted fathering a child with a long-time member of their household staff. and there is still much more ahead on "world news" this friday night. the new royals, william and kate, and the woman so determined to give william's great-grandmother flowers. 72 years later, will she get her chance? if you are taking to your children to a parade this weekend, will it determine the party they vote for years later? the new findings coming in. and later, what was behind that first pitch, behind this dy low ma here and inside this giant gift? "persons of the week."lieve our
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5:47 pm
>> reporter: prince william and catherere were brought in by horse-drawn carriage. military gun salute. two f-16s. then, canadian music. not exactly the kind they would have played for the queen. estimates are that 300,000 people came to the canada day celebration, sprinting just to get close. some fainted in the heat and were wheeled away. she talked to the duchess? >> yeah. married a prince. it's every little girl's dream to marry a prince, right? >> reporter: you're next? >> i wish. harry's available. >> reporter: william greeted the crowd in french. and introduced his new wife, catherine, who learned about canada as a child from her grandfather. >> who held this country dear to his heart. he trained in alberta as a young pilot during the second world war. >> reporter: the duchess embraced canada day, wearing a red maple leaf hat and a white dress. the same one she wore for her engagement portrait.
5:48 pm
the diamond maple leaf brooch, on loan from the queen, a pin n she wore to canada in 1951. back in 1939, the queen's parents, king george vi and queen elizabeth, toured the country by train. they were supposed to stop in the town of walsh, where 9-year-old frances was waiting with a bouquet of flowers. >> it was just very exciting and something i was really looking forward to. >> reporter: but for reasons unknown, the train never stopped, leaving behind a very disappointed 9-year-old girl. now, 72 years later, frances is getting a second chance. next week in calgary, she will present flowers to king george's great-grandson, prince william. >> i said to my husband, it's like a dream. >> reporter: now, you should know that they are actually going to be flying to calgary this time, so they don't take that risk again. not going to take the train, going to take a plane. and david, you should also know that those journalists i talked to today who have been covering this for years, they have never seen people so excited as they were today.
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>> and good for frances waiting all this time. bob, thanks to you. and when we come back tonight, a question for you. will that parade this weekend determine which party your child votes for when they grow up? sta. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death.
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5:52 pm
>> reporter: forget independence. researchers say the fourth of july is really for republicans. >> bull. bull! >> reporter: researchers from harvard claim that every year a child goes to a fourth of july parade, it raises the likelihood by 2% that they'll become a republican. >> they may already be republican. >> reporter: but not everyone is ready to hand the holiday over. >> do not tell me that is a conservative holiday. do not tell me they are the only people who love america. it's not true. it's not true. >> reporter: after all, the parade in her hometown, boston, one of the oldest in the country, hasn't exactly turned the political tide there. most people adamant today the fourth is our birthday party. not a political one. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> let us know what you think. when we come back tonight, the little kids, the giant gift. this you will not forget. finally, there's a choice for my patients
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[ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil. and now our "persons of the week." on this fourth of july, we cannot forget the men and women who fought for our independence, the troops fighting right now and the families waiting for them to come home.
5:56 pm
they are the men and women who we celebrate, who o thank, who we honor on the fourth. they're also the loved ones so many families wait for, hoping they'll come home soon. for erika brown, who was chosen to throw out the first pitch, her wait was about to be over. she thought it was the pitch everyone was fixated on. but behind that mask, the catcher was her boyfriend. returning from overseas. pulling out a ring and asking, "will you marry me?" it was the best play of the game. and there was this marine, who waited patiently at the hospitit door, driving more than 2,000 miles from california to massachusetts to see his ailing father. around the curtain, first a military handshake, then a proud father's tears. then this. keep a close eye on this senior, at california poly tech
5:57 pm
state university, about to receive her degree. she had been told her brother couldn't make it back fromom afghanistan in time. >> jessica's father called me. jessica has a brother in afghanistan that she wishes could be here today. and jessica, would you see your brother? thank you for your service. >> reporter: brother and sister honored this fourth. >> audrey, logan. >> oh, my lord. >> reporter: and there was this. the giant box wrapped in neon green. a gift, bigger than you think. >> it's a grill! >> what? >> open it up. what's in there? >> reporter: out of the box, staff sergeant jeremy halton. better yet -- dad. fighting through her tinintears, audrey, with a simple message.
5:58 pm
"i'm happy you're back," she says. >> we've been separated for three fourth of julys since we've been married. you don't realize how important those kind of holidays are until you're not with your loved one to be able to celebrate them. >> reporter: and so we choose all of the troops on this fourth. for diane and all of us here, we hope you have a good evening, a safe and happy holiday. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. next at 6:00 officers and customers on the hunt for people selling illegal fire work autos rolling brownouts leaving fire stations in the dark. how this will impact fire protection. >> selling new homes for half of the regular marketplace,
5:59 pm
but there is a catch. >> and believing in others. the shop helping make invention dreams come true. >> good evening, everyone. >> and tonight there is a stepped up effort to stop the sale of illegal fire works. >> lease are patrolling china town frkts checking online for sales. and authorities don't want to see this again, outlawed fire works set off in residential neighborhoods, endangering communities. vic lee is live in san francisco's chinatown tonight. vick? >> well, illegal fire works are still being sold here on the streets of chinatown. i don't think it will change, and young sellers are all over the place. now, some of these sellers are turn together internet, where they think it's safer. but so is law enforcement.

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